Get A Life is a band inspired. It comes from a drive to keep pretending life won’t start keeping score till you decide. Get A Life is reactionary. In a world where everything is a facade and nothing actually works (How is Spotify busted?! WTF!!!), Get A Life pulls the curtain back, sets it on fire, gets naked, reaches out for a hug and says, “Come as you are. PLUR. Who’s hungry?”. Get A Life is family. With Our Band Could Be Your Get A Life, the band’s debut album, they are forcing themselves into the guitar music narrative by interrupting the conversation to talk about themselves. Get A Life needs you. Get A Life is your narcissistic friend with incredible hair who is constantly asking, “How’s my hair?”, just so you can pad the stats with the retort, “PERF!!!”. Get A Life is V Get A Life.

The recordings are rare. When Chase DeMaster (Very Jazzed, children of pop, Deep Cuts) met Yuuki Mathews (The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, David Bazan) at a house party he only had a handful of demos. It wasn’t until Yuuki got excited about doing an album that the project turned into a real thing. How could you say no to making a record with one of your idols? More songs turned to demos, demos turned to stems, stems to final mixes, Cody Smith jumped onboard for mastering and now we have a Lo-Fi record of incredibly refined taste. Sometimes the band humorously pretends to be sophisticated by replacing the word “Get” with the word “Take” during practice. EX: They refer to their hit song, “Get A Job”, as, “Take A Job”, or change the band name from, “Get A Life”, to, “Take A Life”. See, Get A Life can be serious too. Seriously Rad… AF.